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About Us

American Truck and Trailer: A Trusted Resource Since 1993
More than a quarter-century ago, American Truck and Trailer opened its doors in Manassas to provide trailer and snowplow sales and repairs as well as both sales and installation of a variety of after-market accessories for pick-up trucks. It quickly established a reputation for its outstanding products and services.
Mark Carruthers joined the team as the new owner in the summer of 2019, bringing more than 27 years of management experience in the military, retail, and security fields to the business. Mark is proud to be supported by a great team with decades of experience and highlights two staff members in particular. “Steve Sunday and Tom Gansor continue to do a great job of assisting, supporting, and advising clients,” he says.
Deemed an essential business, American Truck and Trailer is dedicated to the health and safety of its staff and customers. They continue to follow CDC guidelines inside the shop, including vehicle sanitization prior to returning them to customers. They also offer curbside pick-up for parts.
If you’re in the market for a trailer, they have a variety in stock and can order what you need if they don’t have it, and of course can hook up your vehicle with a hitch. The shop also provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services for all types of trailers.
If you’re concerned about your trailer’s current condition, consider having the experts here conduct a thorough safety and functionality review. For just $100, they will check and rate nearly three dozen elements (lights, bakes, wiring, wheels, axles, roof, windows, doors, vents, and many more) and provide comments if service, repair, or replacement is needed.
The shop can also customize your trailer and fabricate items for your truck. Recent examples include a custom structure for a large dump truck, bespoke hitches and converting a trailer to hold electronic advertising screens. They have even fabricated a custom motor bracket for a boat and extended antique steel beds!
In addition, pick-up truck owners in need of accessories depend on the shop for sales and installation of various items, including bed covers, hitches, ladder racks, warning lights, floor mats, and more.
Mark points out that with winter on the horizon, if you’re considering the purchase of a snowplow, now is a great time to do so. The shop sells Fisher snowplows, a premier brand in the industry. A variety of businesses, including landscapers, farmers, and restaurants, as well as individuals, have come to rely on the shop for installing, servicing, and repairing their snowplows. This is a big part of their winter business, and snowplow installations have already begun. Don’t wait until the snow hits to have your snowplow serviced!
And for those of you with RV campers (which have significantly increased in popularity during the pandemic), it’s also the perfect time to winterize them. Drop it off at the shop, where the technicians will ensure that all fluid tanks are flushed out, antifreeze is added where needed, and everything is properly sealed.
To learn more, call (703) 257-1710